Realistic Prep Times

I may be the only one, but every time I see a prep time listed on a posted recipe, I multiply it by 5.

How do cooks/chefs/bloggers arrive at this mystical prep time that seems humanly impossible? Is it because they have minions to wash, peal, cut, measure and pour all of the ingredients and because they don’t have to do it themselves it doesn’t factor in to the “prep time”? Is it because they are counting time AFTER all that is done? Do they have unlimited dishes, knives, and work surfaces that they don’t need to shuffle between them?


At first, I just thought I was super slow at cooking, but after watching many family and friends cook, I realized I’m not.

But what this does mean is that I take all recipe times with a miniscule grain of salt. They’re just not real or human.

So here, what you see will be REAL prep and cooking times. I will also break down prep time in terms of preparing the ingredients versus combining/working them.

It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself in to before deciding whether you want to make a dish.

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